AH-016 | Erotic excretion with 3 young girls: Nara Aiko, Mie Maki and Shiga Mizue. Multi view pooping.

Documented excretions of 3 amateur models pushing out big turds.
Nara Aiko 22 years old. Occupation: Nakai (work at the inn), Personality: Otori type, blood type: O type, height: 160.0 cm, foot: 24.0 cm, bust: 80 cm (B cup), waist: 59.0 cm, hip: 80.0 cm, special skill: cooking (mainly Japanese).
Mie Maki 23 years old. Occupation: work at the net cafe, personality: otoshogochoi, blood type: AB type, height: 158.0 cm , Feet: 24.5 cm, bust: 89.0 cm (G cup), waist: 60.0 cm, hip: 90.0 cm, feat: soft body (soft body)
Shiga Mizue 27 years old. Occupation: ham factory work, blood-type: B type, height: 156.0 cm, foot: 22.5 cm, bust: 83.0 cm (C cup), waist: 58.0 cm, hip: 83.0 cm, special skill: table tennis.

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AH-018 Excretions compilation. BEST HITS.

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