DKJK-01 Girls’ school toilet pooping accidents was caught on hidden cam.

This materials was sent to us by anonymous people who are considered to be someone from school staff! This maniacs managed to gather a collection of scandalous voyeur footage with young female school students shitting in panties. They desperately run to the toilet after school bell at the end of the lesson, hoping to make it. But it is not meant to be… Some of them are already with a little bit excreta in their panties, because the toilet was ocupied. They was probably seen by the other students! Moreover, as a “bonus” there is no toilet paper or water to clean! Enjoy this schoolgirls with leaked panties who could not make it to the toilet! Total of 27 girls was captured.

1280×720 | MP4 | 02:17:07 | 2.61 GB | 3 Files


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