DOIN-01 Outdoor Piss And Shit By Women In Overalls.

When woman wearing overalls it is hard for them to pee or to poop outdoors, especialy when there is no bra or even a shirt. They are walking around the city in a cool outfit, but the excretion is complicated… everything must be lowered to the knees and you may be almost naked! When I see a woman that rushes somewhere with short footsteps and pressing her private parts with her hand, I know what is going on. I wonder if the limits of her desperation is comming to and end?  When it is over and if you are lucky, you can see her naked breast and drool while her feces falling from her anus. Sometimes during defecation process they realizing that they are being watched. You can see it buy the look on their frightened faces. Watch this almost completely naked, shameful girls defecation. 19 girls was featured in this video.

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DNNS-02 Girls Caught Pooping And Pissing Outdoor.
Double View Spy Camera.

DKNP-01 Security Camera Caught Girls Pooping.

F35-01 | Women with a habit for outdoor excretion.