DSKS-01 | Private cosplay photoset turned into restrained, forced enema and scat bondage.

This footage is “personal photo sessions” with amateur models recruited thru the web and shoot one on one. Beautiful women dressed in cosplay costumes and posing for the camera just like an idol. However, the evel hands of an insidious photographer knows no rest and starts to harras these girls. Then he restrained their limbs with ropes and pulled their panties down… They can not move, so he inject them with an enema… their faces starts distorting from suffering and overwhelming abdominal pain… Large amounts of enema feces will be comming out of their pretty assholes. This is a terribly beautiful and aesthetic scat feast. Enjoy! (featuring 10 girls)

544Ă—384 | MP4 | 03:56:58 | 2.6 GB | 1 File




DBKS-01 Bound Women Excretions. Terrible Public Disgrace!

JG-359 [#1] | Restrained amateur girls blotted pantypooping.
Shamefull feces juice leakage. VOL. 3

JG-276 Restrained women. Forced pantypooping. VOL. 1

JG-226 [#1] | Restrained, forced, amateur enema play.

FF-198 [#1] | Hogtied women injected with enema and left alone.

UNKW-050 [#1] | Girls attacked by men
with an enema and forced to shit!

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