DYKB-01 | Western style toilet voyeur. Drunk girls shitting at BAR’s toilet. (bowl cam view)

Public bar is a place where adults spending time to rest from everyday life. The lower part of the women’s bodies was exposed in this bar’s toilet. We set up 2 cameras. First was capturing excretion at close-up range from bowl cam perspective and second was filming the upper body. Drunk girl were defecating and acting odd because of alcohol. Please, enjoy this drunken stool scenes.

640×480 | MP4 | 01:43:13 | 809 MB | 1 File


DYKB-01.rar – 834.11 MB


EE-252 [#1] | Drunken poop
and diarrhea voyeur at the public bar.

DDDD-01 Girls Nervious Pooping In Men’s Toilet.

DNTS-01 | Girls disturbed by knocking
while pooping in public toilet.

DUOB-01 Housekeepers Pooping Voyeur.

UU-014 | EVO’s older series compilation of thick poops.

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