E22-04 | Collection of wasted girls and their embarrassing predicaments. Wetting and pantypooping in the night.

This work is a nightlife images of women going home from work. Find a drunk women who is staggering in the night, stalk her and see the result of sudden bowel movement caused by alcohol, while hiding in the dark. Capture every moment of her shameful appearance and avoid being noticed. Watch her reaching the patience limit and forgetting to remove her stockings when urinating or pooping. The process itself is seems to be easily irritated by imagination when seeing a girl in shame…

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E22-03 | Drunk women pooping on the night streets of Japan.
Outdoor defecation voyeur.

E22-05 | Public pooping, pissing and vomiting in the night streets.
Disgraceful behavior was captured on security camera.

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