EE-093 Train Station Toilet Peeping. Massive Pantypooping Accidents.

Everyone has experienced unexpected stomachache at least onse, right?.
This girls think: “I can still hold it, I can make it”… This is collection of women whos phincter is too weak to handle such preassure.
They rush into the toilet straight away to the toilet seat, but it is too late… the stool is loose and shit is already in panties…
They try to make the rest of the feces, that overflowing in panties, go into the toilet bowl, but the anus is not cooperating and keeps spraying liquid shit all ove loilet room. They feel ashamed and dusgusted from cleaning all the mess they made. And trying to dress like nothing happened. Looks like they will have to get clean underwer on the way home trying to hide the shit smell and stains.
There is 2 bonus episodes in the end! 2 Schoolgirls outdoor enema leakage. Enjoy!

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SL-238 [#1] | Birth and deploying of female shit bombs.
Women standing and pooping.

FF-016 Peeping On Girls Pooping Standing Up In Station Toilet.

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Don’t Want To Sit On Western Toilet.

DBN-01 | Erotic voyeurism:
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