EE-182 [#1] | Girls wearing yukata and peeing on toilet during summer festival.

I have placed several cameras in a certain public toilet. It was a toilet near the shrine, during summer season festival. Usualy women comming to the festival with company and they all should wear yukata, which is a summer tradition. Eating and drinking is also a part of the festival and makes them run to the toilet… sit in a hurry revealing pretty ass and pee with pleasant facial expression…

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E64-08 | Young girls wearing yukata
and pooping behind the temple.

FF-148 Japanese girls wearing yukata and pooping on toilet.
“Cameltoe” view.

EE-04 Peeping on Japanese girls in yukata.
Toilet hidden cam.

E85-02 Back Shot Toilet Voyeur.
Japanese Girls Wearing Yukata.

EE-243 [#1] | Tracking down girls in kimono / yukata
(Japanese traditional wear). Outdoor emergency pooping voyeur.

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