EE-223 | Female students humiliative panty wetting was caught on camera. Urine leakage voyeur.

There is always one person in any class, in any school that you can call “Honor student”. This is voyeuristic footage of girls “honor students” leaking urine. They are desperately trying to endure sudden urine in various situations, such as during class in school or studying with a friend etc. Making wrinkles between their eyebrows, squeezing their legs and holding their crotch, but it is all useless… they will leak! The breakwaters from the bladder finally breaking down and a lot of urine leaks thru the panties at once like tsunami! It falls on the floor, making loud splash sounds. It is  total humiliation to do that in front of the classmates… In addition, in this work some girls receiving ultimate humiliation by wetting themselves while being bullied by girls who do not care about such “honor students”. Please enjoy the female honor students being embarrassed and expressing their grief.

1920×1080 | MP4 | 02:15:24 | 1.3 GB | 3 Files




EE-062 | Neat girls caught wetting their panties in the towm.

FF-073 | Tied women’s peeing desperation limits.
Wetting observation.

SL-214 | Spying on schoolgirls peeing their panties.
Secret in-house footage with unexpected situations!

EE-253 [#1] | Women can not hold the urine
and leaking in the alley.

E83-01 [#1] | Hidden video footage of schoolgirls who can’t make it
in time to the toilet and wetting themselves outdoors.

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