F3-01 | Filth of the amateur woman. Let me buy your poop!

Mr. Hentai man spoke with a woman who is likely need money. “Please, sell me your shit…” They declined and called him stupid, althought it is good to have an extra money in your pocket. Moreover, when I told them about 1g for 100 yen they agreed to poop out as much as possible! Please see what kind of color and smell the puke will be when it come out from the bodies of ordinary women and try to guess what they ate, it is another way of enjoying it.

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F3-08 | Let me buy your shit please.

FF-322 [#1] | Looking for women from the streets
for “Unko research”. Show me your poop!

F6-03 | Amateur girls from the streets
paid to puke in front of the camera.

F3-04 [#1] | Buying filth of amateur women.
Female office workers poop. VOL. 3

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