F3-08 | Let me buy your shit please.


We asked several beautiful wome on the streets: “… Please sell us your shit”. Some of them refused or just ran away, but the others agreed! They were producing shit in different amounts, forms and colors. They were doing it in crouching position with camera pointed at the anus from the bottom angle. If you can’t have such experience in real life then we give you an opportunity to experience it virtualy! We are also told them to weight their own shit and they did. (featuring 17 girls)

900×600 | MP4 | 02:23:13 | 5.5 GB | 2 File


F3-08_01.wmv – 2.72 GB
F3-08_02.wmv – 2.81 GB


F3-01 | Filth of the amateur woman. Let me buy your poop!

FF-322 [#1] | Looking for women from the streets
for “Unko research”. Show me your poop!

JG-271 | Cute girls pooping and weighing their shit.
Self-filmed solo defecation..

JG-353 [#1] | Girls weighing their poop.

F3-04 [#1] | Buying filth of amateur women.
Female office workers poop. VOL. 3

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