F6-03 | Amateur girls from the streets paid to puke in front of the camera.

I got the courage and spoked to several women in the city and asked them: “Can you sell me your vomit?”. They declined at first and called me stupid, but they changed their minds after a while, because it is good to have an extra money in your pocket. They were told to be in good spirits and serve as much vomit as possible. Please see what kind of color and smell the puke will be when it come out from the bodies of ordinary women. Try to guess what they ate, it is another way of enjoying it. (featuring 8 girls)

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F3-08 | Let me buy your shit please.

F3-01 | Filth of the amateur woman. Let me buy your poop!

FF-322 [#1] | Looking for women from the streets
for “Unko research”. Show me your poop!

F3-04 [#1] | Buying filth of amateur women.
Female office workers poop. VOL. 3

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