FF-090 Office ladies panicky shit piling. Clogged toilet.


Unfortunately (?) there is only one toilet in the office building and it doesn’t flush… As a resault feces is piling up in the toilet bowl into the dark mountain. There is also a horrible odor that fills up the room. OL’s comming in an gag from all of this, but stomach is hurting and they still need to shit realy bad. So one after another they are continuing to fill up the bowl. Meantime feces is settling in the toilet tank and gaining dark black color, but another woman coming in and brightening it up again. Four cameras captured how various colors and flavours of shit mixing with each other over time. (featuring 28 office ladies)

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Office ladies toilet that cannot be flushed.
Severe odor of defecation and depression situation.

FF-167 Office Toilet Tank Clogged And Overfilled With Poo.

FF-260 Clogged public toilet peeping. Triple screen view.

FF-391 [#1] | Toilet scat shots with 6 cameras!
Women not flushing! Feces are piling up!

EE-072 [#1] | Back alley sneak shots of pooping girls.
Multiplying shit piles overlap.