FF-096 | Women’s pleasant peeing in standing position. Outdoor voyeurism. #2

Several girls on the streets were behaving suspiciously, I bet they are hiding something. I have witnessed several unexpected scenes after stalking them. They were looking for a discreet place to urinate… but instead of regular squatting position they were doing it standing up! You can tell they are truly enjoying this sexual feeling of relief by the look on their faces.

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FF-181 | Outdoor piss voyeur:
women peenig standing up in narrow alley.

EE-227 | Girls exposed while peeing standing up
and being watched by somebody.

FF-108 | Ladies standing piss!
Amateur girls shy urination experience. [FF-108_01]

FF-112_02 | 2015 Non-stoop outdoor compilation
of women peeing standing up!

SL-190_01_02 | Office ladies wetting panic.
Emergency pissing on veranda. VOL.3

SL-189 [#1] | Pleasant piss!
Multiview peeping on orgasmic female urination on toilet.

UNKW-064 [#1] | Multiple girls caught peeing standing up
in various places.

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