FF-117 Office Ladies Usng Public Toilet After Lunch Break At The Park.

I set up a camera in a certain public toilet and recorded all kinds of female poop forms and figures. Girls were captured on toilet after lunch break in the park a while ago.
After having outside lunch, such as eating hot dogs, salad, rice, noodles ect. they are starting to feel an early ugre to poop, so they heading to the public toilet.
Looks like they produse the mass of feces equivalent to the amount of food they ate earlier. It is a record of digest food that did not became a stool yet and it is a good image. A good and close up angles of spy camera in the toilet and outside are guaranteed! (featuring 25 Girls)

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E61-01 | Office ladies eating lunch and shitting on toilet.

JODU-01 | Female office workers eating lunch and taking a shit.
Public toilet erotic voyeur.