FF-167 Office Toilet Tank Clogged And Overfilled With Poo.

The only toilet inside the office company is suddenly failed. OL’s entering the toilet and it makes them want to puke, they frown from thie shit smell rising from clogged toilet bowl. But they can’t leave, they need too poop very bad, so they continue to defecate on top of each others poop. Horrible odor as a resaul of mixing all this feces continue to grow and OL’s keep coming to make it even bigger. A couple of poop piles at the beginning starts to evolve into a massive, black, scat mass that starts to emits an intense and even more unbearable odor. Four camera agles caught OL’s excretion from inside and outside the toilet bowl.

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Office ladies toilet that cannot be flushed.
Severe odor of defecation and depression situation.

FF-090 Office ladies panicky shit piling. Clogged toilet.

FF-260 Clogged public toilet peeping. Triple screen view.

FF-391 [#1] | Toilet scat shots with 6 cameras!
Women not flushing! Feces are piling up!

EE-072 [#1] | Back alley sneak shots of pooping girls.
Multiplying shit piles overlap.