FF-213 | Hold the door! Girls have to pee standing up with broken toilet lock.

Women rushing into the toilets, but the door is broken down and can not be locked… maybe by accident or inevitability, who knows. They are instantly sitting down and trying to pee in a hurry, but the door opens up by itself? Could it be wind, or some person? Who knows… Confused, they have to hold the door and vigorously piss to the toilet bowl. They can not control their urethral mouths with too much momentum so the urine is scattered all over the toilet and on their hips. They are wiping away golden droplets while still fighting with the door. They does not know that all that stuff is snatched and shown in the internet! (featuring 33 women)

1920×1080 | MP4 | 02:03:27 | 1.2 GB | 3 Files



SL-308 | Hidden footage at the water samples tasting.
Mixed diuretics makes girls wet themselves and then
pee while holding the toilet door with a broken lock.

SL-366 [#1] | Imposed standing piss!
Schoolgirls using boy’s urinal for emergency urination.

SL-196 | Young women don’t know how to use Japanese-style
toilet and urinating on all fours.

FF-218 | Ladies standing piss!
Shy urination in standing position. VOL.2

SL-123 | Girls school students pissing
standing up in boy’s toilet.

SL-134 [#1] | Toilet with no seat on it! Women have to adapt!

F25-05 [#1] | Toilet door has a broken lock!
Girls panicking after being disturbed during excretion.

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