FF-228 [#1] | Liquid poop accidentally came out during farting.

I asked a girl “Please show me your anal.” She did, but apparently she also needed to fart and I have captured super embarrassing images on my camera. Bubba! Buzz!! “I’m sorry that my poop came out!”. Please enjoy this great embarrassing collection of girls farting and accidentally squeezing diarrhea.

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JG-247 | Unexpected defecation: girls accidentaly pooping
during self-filmed farting video. VOL.2

FF-110 | Farting babes.

FF-193 | Farting music.
Girl, will you perform a farts concerto for me?

JG-209 | Self shot girly video diaries.
Unexpected defecations and wet farts. FILE 1

FF-261 | Schoolgirl and office lady in farting competition.
Smelly and dirty paradise.

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  1. Got only this part for now, sorry. Will definetly post others as soon as I get them.

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