JG-209 | Self shot girly video diaries. Unexpected defecations and wet farts. FILE 1

This is selection of amateur self-filmed pictures that was submitted to our web site. This time women were filming themselves in various places: at home, toilets, lodging facilities, outdoor etc. It was farting videos, but we are carefully selected the ones with accidental poop jumping out of their assholes. Their surprised facial expression during the moment they are realised that shit is came out is priceless! It is a beautiful amateur footage collection that you definitely will want to see again and again.

1920×1080 | MP4 | 02:04:30 | 3.5 GB | 5 Files


JG-209_01.mp4 – 336.66 MB
JG-209_02.mp4 – 336.39 MB
JG-209_03.mp4 – 329.45 MB
JG-209_04.mp4 – 347.16 MB


JG-247 | Unexpected defecation: girls accidentaly pooping
during self-filmed farting video. VOL.2

EE-213 | Anal convulsions, dirty farts and big shits.

EE-020 | Girls shoсked by their own dirty farts
while peeing on toilet.

JD-02 | Shameful constipation torture.
Office ladies anguish farts voyeur.

JG-250 | Office gals farting selfies.
Toilet filled with dirty farts during lunch break.

FF-193 | Farting music.
Girl, will you perform a farts concerto for me?

FF-228 [#1] | Liquid poop accidentally came out
during farting.

FF-255 [#1] | Self filmed home farting show.
“Filming my farts at home” series compilation.

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