JG-259 Troublesome Cooking. Enema and pantypooping on the kitchen.

When you looking at the women in an apron, who is cooking on the kitchen, you can always say they are happy. Today they will be filled with enema! Women who have been relaxed and cooking, now is fractured and have shaky hands. That feeling is becoming stronger… patience reaches the limit and they Burst!! Nasty, inflate sounds become louder and louder in their panties. Strong wastes odor is crawling out of the pantyhose. They can’t hold the liquid that drips down their legs and and piles up on the floor. Please take a look on the women excreting on the kitchen. (featuring 12 housewifes)

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FF-206 Take a shit in your shorts!
Enema and pantypooping desperation.

JG-273 Women wearing white and shitting themselves.
Shit juice ruining white pants.

JG-324 Pooping in sexy pantyhose. Scat erotica!