NTJ-003 | Deep throat vomit torture of Sena Sakura and Mayu Otsuka.

Director TOHJIRO has drawn a hardcore script called “Deep Throat Inevitable Vomiting”, which he considers to be a type of blowjob with spiritual pleasure. However, the deep throat pain described here is a one-way sadistic. Sakura Sena and Otsuka Mayu was thoroughly face fucked and spewed a lot of puke. Sena was making super vulgar vomiting sounds, like a drunk man. Mayu’s “Oshin-like” eyebrows continued to endure pain with short expressions. The heads of the two characters performing deep throat were displayed good. It was violent double prone deep throat action of bounded by bondage girls. Forced continuous deep throat with mouth openerse were also performed on tied girls. The purpose of gangbang is to insult, but this deep blow is nothing more than physical and mental penetration insult. Their tragic appearance is full of sad feelings that only filthy people can show. Realizing my cruelty… I couldn’t help but get excited. This is TOHJIRO’s new series “High Deviation Porn Videos”, which is currently fixed on the keyword “torture” and has begun “recruiting newcomers”.

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NTJ-005 | Deep throat vomit torture
of Tsumugi Serizawa and Anri Koji.