ODV-083 | Reiko’s private scat life. Tasting her own feces and pooping in front of the camera.

Self-filmed shoot by Reiko, older sister of the OL style. Pissing first, pooping after. It goes bumpy, but still goes out pretty poor in amout of three small poops that made her groan. I tasted my poop and pee. Reiko seems not satisfied. The next day is a day of very thick poo as if to clear up my yesterday’s depression. I ate pork and licked my poo. Then masturbation play and inserting a blood tampon in the anal. I took a bath and masturbated using a shower. After beautifying my dirty anal with usual toothbrush I brush my teeth and covering them with feces. Why don’t you look into your sister’s pervert life?

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ODV-083.mpg – 717.20 MB

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