PGFD-019 Group Food Poisoning, Puking And Shitting.

Based on information from a certain source, it was decided to hide some spy cameras at the camping facilities, that frequently used by sports organizations. Meals for more energy in sportseveryone is made in the same kettle. Suddenly all stopped and a strange smell starts to come out from the table…  What a strange taste? Hurry, try to pour it down with water, but it is already too late. Girls are getting attacked one after another by the intense nausea and abdominal pain. They need to go to the toilet right now! Struggling and suffering while spewing large amounts of puke! And it gets even worse, the diarrhea starts to dripping out!!! Featuring 15 women.

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PGFD-015 Drunk Girlfriends Puking Together.

PGFD-041 [#1] | Girls filming themselves eating and puking together.
The throw upping girls.

PGFD-028 | The unstoppable vomit.
New employees vomiting at work.

PGFD-050 [#1] | Throwing up scenes with beautiful puking girls.

PGFD-029 [#1] | Panicky group food poisoning voyeur.
Unstoppable puking and diarrhea!