PM105 | Outdoor shitting and pissing voyeur. Nothing to wipe with!


I was finding a suspicious women on the streets, back alleys, parking lots ect. It looked like they were searching for something with that dubious look. Apparently it was an emergency and they were looking for a toilet! Avoiding public places they were sneaking into inconspicuous and quiet places to drop their undergarments and urinate or defecate! But what a shame… there is nothing to wipe with. What will they do if they can not wipe?

1280×720 | MP4 | 02:18:54 | 4 GB | 1 File | PM-105


PM105.wmv – 4.01 GB


FF-420 | No toilet paper in womens public toilets!
Tracking their butts in the city and watching them
walk uncomfortably after defecation.

EE-160 | Women’s public toilet pooping voyeur.
I need to wipe, but there is no toilet paper!

SL-043 Close-up pooping with throbbing assholes.
Western toilet bowl cam angle.

SL-05 | Sweet female stool and bad wiping habits.