PTJ-002 | KUSO LIMITLESS starring Kusakari Amo.

The second long-awaited platinum TOHJIRO label making a first scat video in three years since the third issue of Sukadon. It’s all about fucking because after a lonely childhood when both divorced parents abandoned her, the encounter with Skatromania brought her happiness. She is fucking fetishist! “I was excited from the poop,” she said, “I want my parents to watch this DVD.” Plenty defecation for shit gourmets: shit cosmetics, shit painting, shit toothpaste ect. Unco is a necessity even in erotic acts. Fucking, masturbation, Irama, upside-down hanging and whipping, restraint chair fucking! “A shit is a source of erotic power for me”. “Give me an enema and I will give a big jet of juice and pee”. “Whatever you do, you’ll be happy if you have a shit”. This is an “Unko Theater” where is laughs, cry and sprees. Enjoy!

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DDT-206 [#1] | Sukadon defecation transformation.
Akane Wakatsuki: “I want to break myself.
I want to see my ugly self that I never showed to my family.