PTJ-005 [#1] | Home delivery vomit monster. Aoi Yuuki visiting her fans.

Gero delivery. The only JAV director who could pull up something crazy like this is TOHJIRO and the only the actress who can perform something like this is Aoi Yuuki. At Kudo-kun’s house, an intrinsic enthusiast who spends 200,000 yen on gero customs gets a vomit face-bukkake instead of a greeting at the front door. Drink fondly that vomit spray in your mouth. Vomit body wash and fucking will follow after. Aoi enjoys vomit play as much as she wants. She is like an innocent girl who enjoys the play. The second person, Kobayashi, is an avid fan of her, but not a fanatic of geromania. But if you are a lover, take her puke on your whole body and try a food with vomit. Loving SEX in the sea of ​​vomit is impressive. Aoi Yuuki seeking catharsis in the extraordinary world of Geroplay. The chemical reaction of love occurred when both thoughts fused.

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PTJ-005 [#2]


UNKW-022 | Vomit freak Yuuki Aoi eating a lot of sweets,
spewing puke and sucking dick till vomiting. (uncensored)

ODV-237 | Spring princess Aoi Yuuki.
Self-portrait with feces.

PTJ-001 [#1] | Gero / Vomit Limitless.
Starring Aoi Yuuki.

PTJ-007 [#1] | Kuso / Scat Limitless. Starring Aoi Yuuki.