S33-01 Forced Enema! Assault On Female College Student!

Enema fetishists stalking schoolgirls and giving them forced enema injections. There is actualy 2 of them: one with camera and one that doing the action. Put down her skirt with force, lower her panties, try to avoild her screaming and inject 30 ml enema! She is helpless and restrained on all fours… Shit starts to fly out of her ass making┬áloud fart sounds. She is not that innocent anymoe with all that shit coming out of her asshole! Some of them cry-talking while the remaining shit comes out. Would you marry such girl after this? Her life will never be the same after this day.

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S29-01 [#1] | Assaulting the jogging women to pull down
their pants and give them forced enema.

SL-08 Young college girls getting forced enema.

JG-226 [#2] | Restrained, forced, amateur enema play.

SL-244 [#1] | Scat prostitutes: enema, masturbation
and defecation. VOL. 1

SL-276 [#1] | Scat prostitutes: forced enema,
defecation and masturbation. VOL. 2