SL-076 | Pee dash! Schoolgirls rushing into the toilet.

“My bladder has swelled up during the lesson and I feel my limit of patience!” Girls studying quietly in a classroom and closing their legs firmly while desperately waiting for the chime sound. They jump out of the classroom at the same time with the chime and rush into the toilet to release vigorous stream of piss. “There is no time to take off the panties I will leave them on and just move them to the side”. Next chime rings and forces them to hurry while they are not finish yet, so they run back to the class with yellow pee stains on their underwear!

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SL-223 [#1] | Schoolgirls dashing to the toilet after chime.

EE-220 [#1] | Beautiful urinary trajectory
of a female school students! Outdoor and toilet peeping.

SL-123 | Girls school students pissing standing up in boy’s toilet.

SL-014 | Restroom emergency. 2 Girls pissing in one toilet.

SL-131 | Mischievous peeing voyeur: school girl’s
toilet overflowed with piss!

SL-027 [#1] | Women jumping into the toilet cabin
on the edge of the bladder limit.

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