SL-091 Schoolgirls helping each other with stool samples. School toilet peeping.


We set up several hidden cameras in the toilet at girls school, during stool samples gathering period.
There was lone girls because they are shy, but also surprisingly many girls were entering into a private room with girl mate.
They was advising each other because they don’t know how to properly take a stool sample. They are ashamed and embarrassed from doing such things that they never did before, but you must always help a friend in need.
Please enjoy this cute girls conversations and expressions from stool sampling for the first time! (featuring 20 schoolgirls)

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SL-381 | WC voyeur:
schoolgirls taking stool samples.

SL-264 [#1] | Girls school students defecating
and taking poo sample.

DGOK-04 | OLs pooping and taking samples.
Stool health check. VOL. 4

DGOK-03 | OLs pooping and taking samples.
Stool health check. VOL. 3

SL-034 Japanese School Girls Pooping In Doggy Position.

F49-07 Schoolgirls Huge Diarrhea Peeping.

JD-01 Dynamite Shit At Schoolgirls Restroom.

EE-203 Girl Students Stomach Ache. Peeping Liquid Stool.

E74-01 | Schoolgirls pooping on western toilet
in reversed cowgirl position.

EE-225 | Young schoolgirls and female students pooping on
Japanese style toilet. Multi angle view voyeur. [Ultra HD]

SL-073 [#1] | Shcoolgirls helping each other
with enema during school break time.