SL-094 | Emergency! Girls peeing standing up.

This work is filmed by unknown voyeur master who would like to make a contribution to the peeing voyeur community. Several women were caught stuck in front of the toilet door with no options. The bladder is at the limit and they can not hold it anymore! So they are deciding to pee in the sink by putting one foot on it and releasing vigorous and loud stream of urine. Female college students who rush to urinate are also forced to pee in man’s toilet standing up!

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SL-094_01.MP4 – 534.24 MB
SL-094_03.MP4 – 525.53 MB


SL-196 | Young women don’t know how to use Japanese-style
toilet and urinating on all fours.

FF-096 | Women’s pleasant peeing in standing position.
Outdoor voyeurism. #2

FF-108 | Ladies standing piss!
Amateur girls shy urination experience. [FF-108_01]

FF-218 | Ladies standing piss!
Shy urination in standing position. VOL.2

SL-123 | Girls school students pissing standing up in boy’s toilet.

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