SL-096 | Sleeping sister’s enema and blocked toilet. [SL-096_01]


I blocked my home’s toilet and injected an enema in my sleeping sister’s anus!
She is waking up with pain in her belly and immediately rush into the toilet, but the door is closed…
She expresses her anguish at the closed door.
The desire for excretion is increasing gradually by the second and her stomach starts to making  “Gurruhiru” sounds.
My younger sister is in a situation where she can not do anything and reached her limit…
She drops her pants and vigorously blows out the stool right on the floor.
Stinky smell is in the air while she is cleaning her healthy poop with a cute expressions of shame and humiliation.

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F36-03 Home-made Voyeurism. Enema For Sleeping Sister.

F44-01 Drunken Relatives Passed Out Excretions.

F9-03 Mischievous Enemas! Sleeping Schoolgirls Public Defecation.

F9-04 Mischief Enemas For Cat Napping Chicks.

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