SL-099 | 401 FARTS! Office ladies anal flatus.

OL’s getting too much stress from relationships with¬†colleagues and during desk work in the company. Abdominal pain suddenly attacks them during work or break time after stress eating.¬† They are immediately heading to the restroom to try to get rid of the gases that causing the abdominal pain, but someone is in it! They are thrying to search for other toilets, but they are occupied as well. Some of them even calling to ask for substitution… Suddenly a loud fart noise echoes across the room! “Does someone heard me? I hope not, because I can’t hold it!” Then person who was using the toilet coming out… what a bad timing! OLs jumping into the toilet and continue to make terrible sounds with disgusted faces while sitting on the toilet. And they still have to go work after this.

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