SL-115 Intestinal cleaning clinic voyeur.

Malnutrition is a serious problem of modern society. “I do not care what my intestines have to say if I have a bad diet” – they say. As a resault: women start to have skin problems, excessive stress, abdominal pain and constipation. They need to go to our intestinal cleansing clinic. They want to solve their problems as fast as possible so they will do what they told by the doctor: bare their asses and receive the washing solution. They will vigorously spray a dirty enema parabola like a fountain after cleared clogging. It is one hell of a picture! 11 females was cleansed.

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SL-263 [#1] | PEEPING colonoscopy clinic. Intestinal
ambulatory video records of constipated girls.

SL-071 Intestinal cleansing clinic for women.

DKAS-01 Exposure Of Paid Clinical Enema Trials.

SL-038 Female patients at gastrointestinal clinic.
Enema for constipatied girls.

DKBS-04 | Female proctology clinic. VOL.4

SL-195 [#1] | Clinical female enemas trials monitoring. VOL. 3

SL-330 [#1] | Hidden camera:
female constipation relief clinic. VOL.2