SL-127 Unstoppable diarrhea at school toilet. VOL.2


The next episode of popular series. Girl students running to the toilet after class. They need to release a large amounts of diarrhea that accumulated in their bellies. They are trying to lock the door, but unfortunately the lock is out of order. Another cabin also out of order… So they are trying to figure it out how to defecate before the break time is over. But the stomach doesn’t want to wait so they have to drop their panties fast and as soon is that happens, diarrhea immediately starts to fly out of the anus all over the toilet. It is better that way than in the panties. Diarrhea stool with a very vulgar sounds falls in, over and around the toilet bow and even hit the walls, while obscene sighs are echoing in the room! They will be trying to clean this before the ring to the classroom. However, we all know the true nature of diarrhea. It doesn’t go away that easily… As soon as the next lesson is over, they are running back into the toilet to release newly accumulated diarrhea! Enjoy this masterpiece with young anal sphincters. (featuring 15 school students in 30 episodes)

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