SL-156 | Errant peeing situations. Office ladies urinating emergency!

Working in a place with small number of toilets is always annoying by the toilet. Besides that it is very often that the toilet is busy for a long time. So as a resault girls have to wait in front of the toilet, but what exactly they will do when they will exceed the limit of patience? This work shows records of “crazy” solutions that these girls came up, like peeing in random cup in front of the toilet door or urinating under the working desk. Pissing in the car or climbing up on a sink ect. I’m thrilled to think that this kind of OL also exists in my workplace… Don’t you?

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SL-202 | OL’s Crazy pissing in emergency situations.

SL-230 [#1] | Office ladies in errant peeing situations.

SL-247 | Urinating emergency! Again! OL’s holding pee to the limit
then wetting or pissing on the company’s veranda. VOL.4

SL-333 [#1] | Female school camp voyeur:
sudent’s urinations report.

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