SL-203 Embarrassing diarrhea peeping at the office toilet. Too loud and awkward farting.

This time our goal was to set up a hiding cameras is the office building with female workers. We got the information, that the office ladies in this company, often, facing a stomach ache due to stress from the desk work, or from relationship with colleagues. They come to the toilet ready to release the bowel, but unfortunately there is people behind the door. They are trying to tighten the anuses and pray for them to go away. But it is not happening and sneaky anus starts to burst farts and spray the diarrhea without control. This loud noises echoing outside the toilet and can be heard by other people! This is so embarrassing, that they start to cought, trying to deceive people outside, that nothing like that is happening. While trying to be quiet and make sure they gone they rising up, but sneaky fart comes out again! Sometimes the door getting opening by the person outside! (featuring 23 females)

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SL-233 | OL’s loud farting and embarrassing diarrhea flatus records!
Female toilet voyeur. VOL.2

SL-266 [#1] | Female employees shitting at new work.
Awkward toilet acts next to the office’s kitchen. VOL. 5

SL-304 [#1] | In-house sneak shots of diarrhea stools and awkward
farting excretions on the toilet next to the hot water supply room.


SL-155 Pooping at friends house. Bowl cam in home toilet.

SL-130 Toilet doesn’t flush after girls taking a dump at the friend’s house.