SL-219 | Career woman’s humiliating pantypoop.


With the advancement of women into society, the percentage of female managers has been increasing year by year. These women are strongly dedicated to their work and even becoming equal with men. This materials was offered by a certain voyeurists. First glance was in the company office, but there is also nasty home and business trip appearances.
Here is some content introduction with different women recordings.
Chapter 2: Interviewer who got caught by¬†poaching activity of her feces… humiliation and shame will be the resaul of that.
Chapter 5: The chief executive accidently dripping feces juice while trying to restraining her anus and talk on the phone at the same time.
Chapter 15: Sales OL who is still learning in the field loosing her shit in the unexpected situation. Sneaky¬†abdominal pain was a result of sudden defecation in the car… While her face is calm her panties is overflowed by the rest of the stool that could not be stopped by the rectum. She is feeling how that brown juice flows down her legs…
Enjoy how these career women fail as a woman. (featuring 18 women)

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