SR015 Beautiful pooping agony with big farts. VOL.2

The large anus starts contracting as a respons to expressions of beautiful agony and the fart is finnaly being released. While smelling the farts she starts to defecate with a distorted face and unleashing the contents of her belly. Camera is placed obliquely upwards to get the full body and facial shots and capture the pleasure of relief. Stool feels heavy as it twisting out from the ass and building a mountain in the toilet bowl. Close-up camera view (anal angle) allows to get the illusion of being farted on from a lovely female anus. Do not frown!
And another full shot is diagonally behind 45 ° Please enjoy the infinite ensemble of farts and feces.

1280×720 | MP4 | 01:59:53 | 1.2 GB | 3 Files | SR-015

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