SR017 Hot girls in uniform pooping on toilet. Triple view.

Recordings of womens figures in exquisite uniform. “See thru” is back! Cosmic frontal full body shot is here again! A super close-up angle that allows you to appreciate the appearance of a bowel born feces right in front of your eyes. You can even count each wrinkle of the anus if you want. And you can almost smell the dignified scent! On the camera placed inside front end of the toilet bowl you can see the full trajectory of feces dropping down to the water surface. Womens are sitting on the toilet and building a poop mountains one after another. It is artistic and mysterious in a certain way. Please enjoy this excreting figures captured under different angles with a high image quality camera.

1280×720 | MP4 | 01:49:41 | 1 GB | 3 Files | SR-017

SR017_01.MP4 – 343.98 MB
SR017_02.MP4 – 362.42 MB
SR017_03.MP4 – 407.69 MB


SR025 [#1] | Front and back panorama of stool
from women in uniform. VOL. 2

SR039 [#1] | Defecation panorama
with women wearing various uniform. VOL. 3

SR056 | Multi view, split screen toilet voyeur:
super big stols and farts of women in uniform.

SR063 | Great piss, poop and fart moments
with uniformed Japanese beauties.

SR087 | Multi view, split screen toilet voyeur:
extreme farts and pops by women in uniform. VOL. 4