SR021 [#1] | Wide multi view shots of women pooping on toilet. 6 camera angles! [Ultra HD]

This compilation is focused on women’s anuses and feces. It is as simple as that. It is no longer an exaggeration to call it “research” anymore. An ass upward looking angle gives you feeling of presence as if you were viewing it live. Women with repeatedly contracting assholes and pleasure of relief on their faces is a truly beautiful sight. Video edited and shot in unique style of SLUTS label using 6 SUPER high defenition cameras. The woman’s anus and feces seems to be a glimpse of light in our world that illuminates the darkness of contemporary people.

1920×1080 | MP4 | 01:14:37 | 2.1 GB | 1 File | SR-021


SR021_01.mp4 – 2.12 GB

[DOWNLOAD SR021_02 & SR021_03]


SR022 | Superb multi view defecation.
Pretty women farting and shitting on toilet. VOL.3

SR009 Shit flatus. Tripple view,
wide shot pissing and shitting.

SR008 5 Cameras Wide Shot Of Office Ladies Shit.

F49-05 Spectacular Toilet Peeping.
Feces Focused View.

FF-269 | Watching women scat at close range.

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