SR022 | Superb multi view defecation. Pretty women farting and shitting on toilet. VOL.3

Extremely big paws appearing from the stretched anus. You can see each wrinkle and clearly hear loud farts that vigorously fly out from a beautiful woman nonstop. The process wil repeat from woman to woman over and over again. Here is some viewing angles description: frontal camera (full body shot) shows woman frustration while excreting, low bowl cam angle showing large anus opening according to the shape of the poo, maximum close-up shot from the back focused on the shrinking and sagging anus ect. Please, enjoy the ultimate excretion scenes with beautiful women farting and pooping on toilet. (featuring 29 women, 32 excretions and 194 fart shots)

1920×1080 | MP4 | 03:16:55 | 1.9 GB | 3 Files | SR-022




SR041 [#1] | Yummy things! Superb defecations of pretty women!
Multi view shitting and farting on toilet. VOL. 5

SR035 [#1] | Yummy things! Superb multi view defecation
of pretty women farting and shitting on toilet. VOL. 4

SR013 Beautiful women pooping and farting. VOL.2

SR010 Beautiful women pooing and farting. VOL. 1


FF-275 | Noisy farting, pissing and shitting!
Peeping on office ladies excreting on toilet.

SR015 Beautiful pooping agony with big farts. VOL.2

SR021 [#1] | Wide multi view shots of women pooping on toilet.
6 camera angles! [Ultra HD]

SL-227 [#1] | Women reaching their holding limit and releasing poop.
4 Hidden cams view. VOL.4 [Ultra HD]

EE-213 | Anal convulsions, dirty farts and big shits.

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  1. Hi Leo

    Massive Thanks for SR022, this is one of my favourite
    series, these are top class beauties doing the most
    incredible logs.

    Kindest regards
    Rocken : )

  2. Once again, you are welcome Rocken and thanks for your feedback.
    PS: another fresh 2018 title is on its way 😉

  3. Hi Leo
    Hope all is good

    Can you upload this ?

    EE-226 3カメ盗撮 ジーパン女の画面いっぱいのウンコ姿!

  4. Hello Rocken.
    I don’t take request (sorry), at least for now, maybe in the future. But I will definetly post new titles as soon as I find them.

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