SVDVD-097 | Scatology Bodybuilding! Golden muscle contest and shit covered sex.

Scatology and bodybuilding is a miraculous collaboration. Featuring JAV muscle actresses that you know: MIDORI and SHOKO! Erotic contest of two women who is performing scat bodybuilding. Their¬†muscular bodies has no problem with excreting stool! That’s right, we asked them to do it in front of the audience. Let’s start the show! You have never seen such amounts of natural bowel movements before! Muscle bodies has good internal organs for that. Their golden shit was coming out beautifully, turning into a mountain. Then the smell started to spread! The place was full of it, making the audience cheering louder and louder. Smear your feces on your muscular body and perform a DP fuck, mixing sperm and feces.

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