VRNET-059 | Hardcore scat dung punishment! Forced urine and feces. Executioners: Mayumi Kanzaki and Mhio Sanada

Sanction that man with dung! A counselling office where a woman who hates a particular man comes in every day. Another name is “Execution Room.” Here, the executioner Mayumi Kanzaki forms a tag with the client to sanction the man. The client this time was Miho Sanada, an active OL. Sanada had a dark past when she was humiliated by men and used to promote men. A woman’s revenge begins in the execution room! Forced urine drinking, face sitting, masticated food shaming, strap-on fucking and restrained violence! In the end, a very thick shit load slammed in the face of a man!

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VRNET-027 | Yui Goto’s face sitting feces.

VRNET-029 | Busty, big butt rookie Aiko Sato
in scat face sitting experience.

VRNET-057 | Anal suffocation and femdom scat
face sitting by Mayumi Kanzaki.