DKBS-04 | Female proctology clinic. VOL.4

Based on information from hospital officials, the fourth episode of the series gained material and out! – Inquiries – Palpation – Instrument insertion – Enema – Excretion scene – Naked bottom body. 4 cameras has been used in this one. Multi screen view showing facia expression and bottocks at the moment when the fingers were inserted into the anus. Pain, shame, pleasure all feelings were mixing together during procedure. Please enjoy these women standing on all fours on the examination table, getting their ass holes fingered, injected with enema and defecating. (featuring 12 women)

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DKBS-05 | Female proctology clinic. VOL. 5

SL-263 [#1] | PEEPING colonoscopy clinic. Intestinal
ambulatory video records of constipated girls.

SL-115 Intestinal cleaning clinic voyeur.

SL-071 Intestinal cleansing clinic for women.

DKAS-01 Exposure Of Paid Clinical Enema Trials.

SL-038 Female patients at gastrointestinal clinic.
Enema for constipatied girls.

SL-330 [#1] | Hidden camera:
female constipation relief clinic. VOL.2

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