FF-073 | Tied women’s peeing desperation limits. Wetting observation.

Stalking a woman who is looking for urination spot. Then a man suddenly appears and capture the woman to move her to a different place and restrain so so she could not run away. In such stressful situation her bladder is nearly reached the limit while she is desperately trying to untie the restraint. Then she bacomes quiet and wet, dark stains appear on her clothes… with warm liquid runnung down her legs. She pissed herself while the camera man recorded everything! I would like you to enjoy the whole story of a woman’s pride being shredded.

1280×720 | MP4 | 01:05:06 | 688 MB | 2 Files


FF-073_01.MP4 – 346.43 MB
FF-073_03.MP4 – 341.80 MB


EE-062 | Neat girls caught wetting their panties in the towm.

SL-214 | Spying on schoolgirls peeing their panties.
Secret in-house footage with unexpected situations!

EE-223 | Female students humiliative panty wetting
was caught on camera. Urine leakage voyeur.

EE-253 [#1] | Women can not hold the urine
and leaking in the alley.

E83-01 [#1] | Hidden video footage of schoolgirls who can’t make it
in time to the toilet and wetting themselves outdoors.

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