ODV-153 | Smelly apartment of poor female college student Sayaka Oishi.

Sayaka Oishi, I look younger than the actual age of 21 years old. I am a student living alone, because I do not have a boyfriend, sometimes I seem to be playing sexually alone. It is her pleasant home pictures collection. In the beginning, instead of a greeting, pissing on a glass container like a coffee server. Next, a few days’ scattering scene is contained several times. Moving is done, and it is shooting in the new house from the way. How awful, in commemoration of moving, she shaved her hair! “I can see it nice to see this,” he said. (Sorry to get into a mosaic …) Then, again, a scattering scene for a few days. A little soft day, a hard day, a lot of days, a little bit of a day, various things. She usually puts a lap on the floor or basin, and plays it on it. In a defecation scene of a certain day, wrapped in the uncook as it is after finishing, to dumplings. Take it to the bathroom, spread the package and touch it with a fearful finger. “It was the first time I have touched raw poops”. I sometimes want to pry my own pork on lap with disposable chopsticks or try to relax, I stir, sprinkle diarrhea days with a spoon and try to scoop. It is enough to knead the dunk in a state wrapped in lap, at most touch the raw dick with the fingertips. There are no scenes of eating uncooked or painting in the body. Of course, there are also people who seem to be unsatisfactory, and we can not recommend it for those seeking hard contents. But, as there are a lot of videos that will make things quite intense, Sayaka ‘s unobtrusive ordinary reaction seems cute and lovely. I wonder how she will grow up in the future … I will watch over you.

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