ODV-157 | Eiko’s Apartment 5. Scat and vomit diaries.

This is the 5th work of the popular series “Eiko’s Apartment.” Eiken Sun will do it this time and will also unleash a splendid dancer as usual, because it is too fat, blood is arriving. This is the real bleeding big service. It is funking in the bathroom, being a pillow in the bathroom, eating kamokoro and spitting out, making in Japanese all sorts of dirty all-you-can-eat. The biggest sight of this time is a scene that twinks out the shit dick in the bathroom and then inserts that dick again into the anus. Eiko Sun who is boldly challenging rough skill of unprecedented, is too great. Besides, there are too many sights such as unco shampoo and pee shake. A filthy angel who does not stop. Please look at such excavation picture of Eiko Sun.

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UNKW-032 | Scat lovin’ girl Kana Mimura.

FTV-126 | Shit is a shampoo.

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