ODV-164 | Deck of feces. 12 times poop in large quantity.

A girl appears with a rustic feeling of inheritance. It is her daily self-portraits and defecation records. Squat down on the table. Lying down sideways. Normally crouching. Put one foot on the bathtub in the bathroom. Laying on her back on the table. From the back on her knees and sitting. Standing still. From behind on all fours. Every day, I do pee and urch with various postures. Despite taking self photos, it is impressive to see the movement of holes in the buttocks and the appearance that the unchunches are pushed out batchwise. Every time I checked the state of the unsettled finish. As the title, the hardness is also moderate at all times, it is a massive and delicious defecation. It may be unsatisfactory for those who like pretty grotesque, but it is very healthy feeling, it is very pleasant to watch.

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