SL-05 | Sweet female stool and bad wiping habits.

This work is about sweetness of the bad tissue wiping after finishing defecation. In search of such content we set up cameras everywhere and waited our prey like a fisherman with a hook. Usually, you would think that it is impossible for a woman to not wipe herself clean… but in this work we managed to capture badly wiped women, who is lightly using tissues, or just wiping once! Those women will be wearing panties despite the fact that feces is sticking around their anuses and leaving stains etc… We also stalked those women and observed them walking around with dirty underwear. Even a beautiful woman that absolutely out of reach for you can have dirty anus… I really want you to enjoy this work, it will change your mind! Next time when you will see a beautiful woman walking down the street, you will be looking at her differently…

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EE-160 | Women’s public toilet pooping voyeur.
I need to wipe, but there is no toilet paper!

PM105 | Outdoor shitting and pissing voyeur.
Nothing to wipe with!

SL-043 Close-up pooping with throbbing assholes.
Western toilet bowl cam angle.

SL-026 [#1] | Constipated office ladies against stubborn stool.
Toilet bowl cam voyeur.

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