SL-100 [#3] | Fecal emergency, toilet is occupied! Office girls can not hold the shit and pooping on company’s veranda.

This company seems to be lacking in the number of toilets and it is always busy. It is became a common sight that there is always some office lady standing in front of the toilet door bending her bodiy and fighting the bowel movement. In such circumstances when the limit is almost reached and toilet is occupied, they are heading to the companies veranda, which is supposed to be not very popular spot that it became garbager repository. Some of them using this garbage as something to poop on, so it would be easier to hide or clean, or using something else. Others just poop on the concrete and leaving… They are also trying to hold the urine, but some of them can not. Fear of getting caught by some one walking thru the door is a main factor. They forced to defecate in this fear…

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SL-022 | Office ladies excreting on companys veranda.
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